Best Gym Shoes for Men India

If you are doing gym and searching a good shoe for gym so here I will aware to you what quality should be in a good gym shoe. It should be lightweight so that user can comfortably move their feet, when we are doing workout so our feet are wet from sweat to avoid this shoe have a breathable quality and the sole should be strong and flexible quality otherwise when user lift weight then their shoe sole will crack, shrinkage, and tear. Here I will share with you some good gym Shoes that can use in a daily workout. These Best Gym Shoes for Men India are following below.


1. ASIAN Crystal-05 Men’s gym Shoes

ASIAN Crystal Gym shoes for men have highly comfortable sole use. It is made by Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate it is a plastic but it has properties like a rubber which is softer, flexible, strong, lightweight, and much better than rubber.

If I talk about its upper body so it is made by Breathable knitted that allow users to use in all season summer, winter, rainy and also easy to clean/washable. In which use premium shoeless, and inside the shoe use Orthopedic softer cushion which increases level of comfortable

User can use it in multiple occasion like Running, Gym, Trekking, etc

If I talk about its features and specification so this gym shoes so ASIAN Crystal-05 Men’s Gym Shoes weight is 600 that help to use to run fast and cover a long distance without fatigue and it comes in multiple sizes that cover all adult size which is 6 UK to 10 UK Size Available so user can select as per their foot size.

Moreover, this shoe comes with limited color but such color is so modern and gives look stylish to user that attract to each one such colors are Gray Orange, Gray, Black, and Navy.


Pros & Cons of ASIAN Crystal-05 Men’s Gym Shoes

Pros Cons
· Stylish Design gives an attractive look to user.

· Strong built Quality that allows to user to use it in rough and tough.

· Feel Confident with a high comfort level.

· Due to Upper Body Breathable Knitted is not useful in heavy winter season.



2. Red Tape Men Gym Shoes

Red Tape is a perfect choice of men for doing workout, Running, Sports, etc. Its durable material suitable for all kind of weather and its washable and coming with wide range of shoe sizes which is 6 UK to 10 UK size available.

Its flexible, fit, and prevent to user form accidental falls because it has use Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate sole and its upper body of this shoe is made by Knit Mesh Material which is lightweight, Durable, flexible and give comfort to user which make it Best Gym Shoes for Men India.

Such type of shoes who are lightweight that allows to user to do more something and emphasize to them more running, more exercise, more jogging because it gives grater support and huge comfort to foot and here this Red Tape Shoe weight just only 800 grams that allow to user to do comfortably workout and also coming with a wide range of colour which is Black, Green, Blue and White so that user can use their favorite colour and live a sporty life.


Pros & Cons of Red Tape Men Gym Shoes

Pros Cons
· It’s a Comfortable Shoes.

· Lightweight shoes.

· Decent Look.

· Shoes width can be improved but it’s okay.



3.    Campus North Plus Men’s Gym Shoes

Campus is India’s biggest brand in athleisure and fashion and this is also reflected in Campus North Plus Gym Shoes its latest design and world-class quality sole that is made by Thermoplastic Elastomers and it has a unique property which make it highly stretchable and come back to their original shape quickly and it has high durability and superb physical range than any other sole materials.

Moreover, if I talk about its upper part of this shoe. So, this is made by Mesh Material which allows to user for using this shoe in all weather and easy to wash it.

Whenever we discuss about any sports shoes in this one thing is always consider which is shoes weight because lightweight shoes give more flexibility, Comfort and also reduce tiredness. So, if I talk about Campus North Plus Gym Shoes this have only 900 grams weight which makes it perfect gym shoes for men.

These Campus North Plus Gym Shoe comes with multiple colour options like Burgundy, Black, L.Gray/Red, Navy/Red, Navy/White, Yellow/Black, Gray, and many more colour range available. Last but not least this Campus North Plus Gym Shoes has wide rage of shoe size which is (6 UK to 10 UK) size available.

Pros & Cons of Campus North Plus Gym Shoes

Pros Cons
· Look Stylish

· Fantastic sole which is more durable and flexible.

· Wide Colour range available.

· Quality of the lace should be improved.



4. Sparx Mens Sx0414g_spx Gym Shoes

Sparx is a most trusted brand in India. This Sparx shoes gives strong grip and superb flexibility because of this sole is made by Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material and its shoe’s upper is made by Mesh Material so user can use this shoe in all-weather condition. And one of the best thing of this Sparx Shoes that’s why people like it which is 800 Grams shoes weight which is really lightweight so that user can use it comfortably.

Moreover, if I talk about its Shoes size so this Sparx Shoes are available in (6 UK to 11 UK) sizes and comes in multiple colour options like NAVY WHITE, BLACK GREY, Black Beige, Grey Orange, Black Golden etc.


Pros & Cons of Sparx Mens Sx0414g_spx Gym Shoes

Pros Cons
· Shoes upper fabric is too good.

· Good Traction.

· Cushion is very comfortable

· Shoes comfort sheet sticking could be improved.



5. FURO by Redchief Mens R1014 795 Gym Shoes

Furo shoes comes in latest innovation which being in shoes industry that give a better user experience.

Special part of this shoes keeps your feet dry because of sweat absorption technology give you next level experience because it’s made by Dry Tex Lining.

Sole has added special compounded rubber and inspired by tyre grip which gives it fantastic grip to this sole.

If I talk about its size so this shoe is available in (6 UK to 10 UK sizes) and due to lightweight peoples like it which is 800 grams only.


Pros & Cons of FURO by Redchief Mens R1014 795 Gym Shoes

Pros Cons
· Shoes grip quality is next level.

· Cushion quality is so comfortable.

· improved Shoe less quality



I hope you like Best Gym Shoes for Men India. I have also written an article on Best Gym Bags for Men you can also read it.

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