Best Treadmill in India Under 50000

Best Treadmill in India Under 50000 (

If you want to do workout from home so treadmill is the best way to start workout from home. Because it is simple, easy, and impactful way to get a fit and healthy body from home. But in which several things that you to know about before buy a treadmill so that you will get a perfect treadmill so that you will get good treadmill for home and get healthy and fit body. In which you must know about Treadmill maximum speed, inclined level which is auto-inclined or manual inclined, foldable or non-foldable, power of motor. And after seeing all these things. I have written an article on Best Treadmill in India Under 50000 so that you will get right treadmill for home workout.

Note: – Buy treadmill for home workout which have capacity 20 Kg more than user’s current weight.


1. PowerMax Fitness Marvel MTA-1000 Captain America Edition Treadmill

Marvel Inspired Collection by Powermax Treadmill Attracts to Avenger fans and all youth. This treadmill Edition is based on Captain America which is a Character of Avenger. It has modern stylish design and strong build quality because it is made by Alloy Steel which makes it Best Treadmill in India Under 50000.

PowerMax Captain America Edition Treadmill Has Running surface is 1260*420 mm and auto-inclined 15 levels give to user for doing more adventures running/walking.

If I talk about PowerMax Captain America Edition Treadmill motor power so it has use 4 HP peak DC Motor which gives its maximum speed is 14.8 Km/Hr and maximum user weight 120 kg can do a workout easily.

For user safety PowerMax Captain America Edition Treadmill has use anti-slip texture running track and high-density lawn texture running belt that absorbs the shocks and gives pleasant experience to user.

Moreover, PowerMax Captain America Edition Treadmill comes with inbuilt speaker and user can connect it by AUX input and USB input. During workout user have need to take drinking water so this has water bottle holder so that user can drink water during workout and 12.7 cm LED display help to user for monitoring Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, and Pulse.


Pros and Cons of PowerMax Captain America Edition Treadmill

Pros Cons
· Easy to read display.

· Smooth belt running.

· Take small space for parking due to foldable.

· Stylish design grab attention to all.

· Bottle holders need improvement but it’s okay



2. FEMIROFITNESS TM-230A Treadmill


FEMIROFITNESS Treadmill Reduce the time of maintenance and make it easy because Silicon Oil Tank with lubrication motor provides one-touch lubrication which makes it easy life to user.

Alloy Steel make FEMIROFITNESS TM-230A Treadmill stronger and more durable. Soft Drop Hydraulic System makes it easy to use and due to foldable, it saves space.

FEMIROFITNESS TM-230A Treadmill has use 2.5 HP DC Motor that gives it speed of 1.0 to 14. Km/Hr user can select speed level as per their physical condition. Up to 120 kg maximum user weight recommended. And auto inclined level is 0 to 15 level that make it Best Treadmill in India Under 50000.

FEMIROFITNESS TM-230A Treadmill comes with 12 Pre-Set workout program and Three Target Base Modes for making your workout is tremendous. Dual spring shock absorb which enhances comfort level during running, walking, and jogging.

Moreover, FEMIROFITNESS TM-230A Treadmill has MP3 and AUX Input, in-built speaker that makes workout enjoyable, a water bottle holder and mobile holder, and premium LCD Display easy-to-read experience to users.


Pros and Cons of FEMIROFITNESS TM-230A Treadmill

Pros Cons
· Stable and sturdy during the workout.

· Easy to use.

· Save time for oiling.

· Dashboard does not look premium.



3. Fitkit FT350M Treadmill

Fitkit FT350M Treadmill comes with powerful motor 5.5 HP Peak DC Motor that gives a maximum speed of 16 Km/Hr to this treadmill and supports up to the maximum recommended user weight of 120 can do workout easily.

Fitkit FT350M Treadmill is built by Stainless Steel which gives it strong build quality and its weight is 76 kg which makes this treadmill sturdy and stable during a workout. And its running belt size is 1260*460mm.

Moreover, Fitkit FT350M Treadmill has use hydraulic system that allow to user for comfortably fold it and save space. Its 15 levels of auto inclination make workout adventures and harder so that user can burn more calories. And its premium LCD Display where user can monitor Time, Speed, Distance and Calories Burn, etc.

In additionally, Fitkit FT350M Treadmill user will get Free subscription of Cultsport Play for one year. Where user will get live workout secession and many more.


Pros and Cons Fitkit FT350M Treadmill

Pros Cons
· Due to its heavy weight, it is sturdy and stable during workout.

· Give Premium feel to users.

· Pulse rate sensor size is small.



4. Durafit DFISBW02 Treadmill

Durafit DFISBW02 Treadmill is a powerful treadmill because its frame is made by alloy steel and it has used powerful 5.5 HP Peak DC Motor that makes it powerful treadmill for home workout.

Durafit DFISBW02 Treadmill has a maximum speed is 18 Km/Hr and a maximum auto inclination level is 18 which is excellent thing in this treadmill. And this treadmill comes with 95% pre-installed by which it ensures to user it will be installed in a minimum time. It supports up to 100 kg weight person during running and up to 130 kg weight support during walking

Moreover, Durafit DFISBW02 Treadmill has use large running belt area which is 1330*460mm. so that user have more space for running. 12 pre-set workout allow to user do workout next level.

In additionally, Durafit DFISBW02 Treadmill has MP3 player with speaker by which user can enjoy workout by listening to music. Large LCD Display allows to user monitor calories burned, Time, Speed, Distance, and Pulse Rate. For easy to store and fold this treadmill it has use vertical hydraulic system that ensures to user easy to fold and store.


Pros and Cons Durafit DFISBW02 Treadmill

Pros Cons
· Strong Built Quality.

· This treadmill is easy to handle and install.

· Sturdy during workout.

· Speaker sound is not superior as mobile phone speakers have.



5. Reach Evolve Treadmill

Reach Evolve Treadmill is made by Alloy steel which gives it strong build quality and more durability. maximum user weight supports up to 110 Kg.

Reach Evolve Treadmill has used 2.5 HP/ 6 HP Peak DC Motor and its speed range is 1 to 16 Km/Hr and its auto inclination level is 15 and the best part of this treadmill is it has 15 Pre-set workout programs.

Moreover, Reach Evolve Treadmill has LCD Display where user can monitor Calories, Speed, Distance, Time, etc.



Pros and Cons of Reach Evolve Treadmill

Pros Cons
· Design is so futuristic that attracts to people.

· Large Display.

· Does not give feel like gym treadmill otherwise it’s amazing.




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