What Treadmill Should I Buy

What Treadmill Should I Buy (www.bodytitanium.com)

If you want to buy a perfect treadmill that function fulfills your requirement so, there are several things to consider before buying a treadmill so that you will never regrate after buying treadmill. There are several things which is discuss below to get a perfect treadmill for a home workout.


1. Budget

Before buy any things you have to need to select a budget under which you will purchase an item so that you will financially stable. If I talk about a perfect price range where you will get a treadmill with good features so, their rage will start from Rs. 30000 and if you want to spend a limited budget so, you can go through Rs. 10000 to Rs. 13000 budgets treadmill. But I recommend to go near or above Rs. 30000 treadmills.


2. Space

Space is also a very important aspect for us before buying treadmill for home. Because many of people live in rent and flats and due to that they have certain space under which they manage all the things. In a common way, treadmill have required space single bad size space which is length 7 feet or width 4 feet required for treadmill. There is also an option who have not enough space such type of person can buy foldable treadmill. And who live on rent I specially recommend to such type of person they have to buy a foldable treadmill so that they have no difficulty during shifting room.


After select Budget and Space now, you move on to Treadmill Features and Specification.


3. Power of Motor

power of motor decides that, how much motor power can generate during ride, which depends on the user’s weight in common term if a user has 90 kg weight, they can use 2.0 HP motor which is sufficient for them. So before you purchase treadmill you have to measure what’s your weight and how much powerful motor required.


4. Warranty of Treadmill

Because treadmill is a very expensive thing so, you have to pay attention on, what type of warranty offered by a Company/Brand. Because if I talking about a treadmill that starts from Rs. 30000 they are offering 1 Year Labor and Parts Warranty, 3 Year Motor Warranty, Life Time Frame Warranty but such type of warranty is not offered by Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20000 treadmills such type of treadmill Manufacturer/Company/Brand mostly offer only 1 Year Warranty.


5. Safety Aspect

Safety is a most important thing you have confirmed about which treadmill are you looking for buy they have an emergency stop button or not. Emergency button use in treadmill for stop immediately if any uncertainty being with you during workout.

Moreover, some treadmill comes with Emergency Stop and its controlled by key. In which key connect with treadmill and user body if any case user slip on treadmill in which key will remove from treadmill and after it will stop. Safety is most important aspect before purchasing anything not only treadmill. And do any workout in your life never compromise with safety so that you will really get a healthy and fit body.


6. Speed and Inclined

Every treadmill come with certain speed limit. Generally, most of the people purchase 12Km/Hr speed. Because commonly people cannot run above 10 Km/Hr if you think that you will run fast (Above 12km/hr) so you can go ahead with this speed limit.

Inclined- if you want to lose you weight or body fitness Incline is very useful feature where you will get fit body and lose weight by doing walking. It works as, in which treadmill track lift up by which it make workout harder and more calories burn by this and user get a fit body quickly.

If I talk about home treadmill so cheap treadmill has not feature of inclined but on the other hand nearly or above Rs. 30000 treadmill comes with 2-level to 20-level inclines and you have to see that it is auto inclined or manually inclined. which I prefer that is auto-inclined because it can adjust the inclined level during workout.


7. Maximum Recommended Weight

Every Treadmill has an own capacity to support maximum user weight so, you will aware about it which treadmill you are looking to buy. They meet your required weight. But mostly treadmill support up to 90 Kg user weight. Must be remembered that always buy such type of treadmill who have maximum recommended weight capacity more then 20 kg from your current weight.


8. Display

Make suer that which treadmill you want to purchase they have a display where you can measure four basic things. which are Time which you spend on treadmill, Distance Which you cover during / Jogging Running/Walking, Speed what speed you have maintain during Walking/Running/ Jogging, and Calories Burned how many calories burn during Running/Jogging/Walking.



I Hope you like article What Treadmill Should I Buy and give you a valuable information to you after it you will take decision for buy a good treadmill. If you plan to buy treadmill so I have written an article on Treadmill Under 30000 you can also read it

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