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Treadmill under 30000 (

Regular exercise makes the body fit and healthy. But due to lack of time outdoor activity not being possible. That’s the reason Peoples are not able to focus on body fitness. But here are some equipment that allows you to do exercise at home with easier manner. In which the treadmill play a major role for getting a fit and healthy body at home because treadmill allows you to do jogging, walking and running at home. But to get a healthy and fit body you have to need a good treadmill that gives you the best feature at a reasonable price so here is some superb Treadmill Under 30000 which are following that. Where I have discussed about treadmill (user weight, inclined level, speed,)

1. Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP

Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP is a feature-loaded next-generation treadmill that has a Display with an LCD screen that allows for better monitor Distance, Speed, Time, Heart rate, and calories. Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP comes with an integrated keys control pad and specified key for inclination and speed for better control and an extra key auto stop for safety to injury prevention. Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP has Bluetooth connectivity feature, a Mobile/Tablet holder, and also an inbuilt wireless dual speaker. Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP has used Silkworm Sock Absorption Technology (SSAT) to avoid knee injury caused by the traditional treadmill.

To burn calories more effectively Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP, especially 3 Pre-set target-based models and pre-installed 12 Training programs for better routine customize exercise. Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP has a motorized treadmill that has a powerful DC motor of 2.0 HP which ensures a speed of 1.0 to 14 km/hr and 15 levels of auto inclined level, up to 115 kg person can use this treadmill.

Stunner Fitness STX-230 2.0HP comes with 1-year manufacturing and parts warranty, 1-year motor warranty, and a lifetime Frame Warranty.

Pros Cons
· Easy to a long ride.
· Easy to assemble.
· Auto-inclined level up to 15
· Little bit of Motor noise


2. Cockatoo Premium Range Auto Inclined

Cockatoo Premium Range Auto Inclined has a 5-inch LCD Display Screen that enables one to see Distance, Time, Speed, Calories, Pulse, and Fat Measure. Cockatoo Premium Range Auto Inclined has a speed of 0.8-16 km/hr, the thickness of the belt is 1.6 mm, the treadmill has a 5HP DC motor which allows smoothing ride to a person which has maximum weight support of 110 Kilogram and Auto inclined level up to 18. Cockatoo Premium Range Auto Inclined has a transport wheel so that is easy to move from one place to another and AUX, and the USB input is also available with a device holder on the console.

Cockatoo Premium Range Auto Inclined has Life Time frame warranty, a 2-year Motor warranty, and 1-year Parts Warranty.

Pros Cons
· Good Build quality.
· Customer care service is so good.
· Easy installation.
· It can be used by anyone in the family
·  Motor noise.
·  In-built speaker not good as a mobile phone.


3. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 comes with a powerful motor that generates 2.5 HP power that ensures maximum speed to this treadmill up to 12 Km/Hr, up to 90 kg person can do ride easily and refuse sock absorption Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has use 8 rubber pads under the deck which gives more comfort during the ride. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has a large 6-layer 1100*400 mm riding belt which provides more space for a comfortable ride. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has AUX connectivity so that the user can play music from a mobile phone also Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has a USB port to play music from a USB Flash drive but music will not play if the same time uses AUX and USB Flash drive.

For doing better exercise Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 has 12 pre-set workout programs to set variable exercise modes for better exercise and for caring purposes use a 1000 VA stabilizer for motor safety.

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 comes with 1-year Motor warranty and 1-year Parts warranty and Manufacturing defect and 3 years Frame warranty.

Pros Cons
·  Easy to assemble.Easy to store. ·  Machine stops abruptly if the power goes


4. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP (4HP Peak)

MAXPRO PTM405 2HP (4HP Peak) has an LCD display where users can monitor Calories, Distance, Time, Speed, and Hand Pulse. MAXPRO PTM405 has a powerful 2.0 HP (4 HP Peak) DC quit quiet motor which gives a speed of 1 to 14 Km/Hr where users can select speed as per their physical condition, 3-Level manual inclined, up to 110 kg person can ride easily and for an efficient workout, MAXPRO PTM405 has 12 Pre-set programs and H1-H3 program and for easy transport, it has a wheel so that user can easily move to one place to another quickly and for caring purpose use 4Kva stabilizer for motor safety.

For caring a device MAXPRO PTM405 has a mobile and tablet holder, USB Port, MP3 speakers for music, and wide ride surface (L*B) 1150*420, to reduce sudden shocks MAXPRO PTM405 has a multilayer running belt.

MAXPRO PTM405 comes with 1-year motor and product warranty and a Lifetime frame warranty.

Pros Cons
·        Powerful 4 HP Motor.
·        Customer Service too good.
·        Excellent features.
·        Mp3 Sound quality is not good.
·        Motor Noise.


5. PowerMax Fitness TD-M1-A1

Treadmill Under 30000

PowerMax Fitness TD-M1-A1 Series has a large display Where users can see Distance, Time, Speed, Heart Rate, Program, and Calories. PowerMax Fitness TD-M1-A1 Series heart sensors on the handrail and powerful 4.0 HP DC Motor which give speed 1.0 to 14 Km/Hr, 2 level manual inclined and up to 100 Kg person can ride easily, wide running surface (L*B) 1210*410 so that user ca feel comfortable during the ride. For an efficient workout, PowerMax Fitness TD-M1-A1 Series has 12 Pre-set Programs and 3 Target based models and for easy transport from one place to another PowerMax Fitness TD-M1-A1 Series has a wheel so that users easily move to it.

PowerMax Fitness TD-M1-A1 Series comes with 1 Year labor and parts warranty and 3 Year Motor warranty and Life Time Frame warranty.

Pros Cons
·  Easy to installation because it comes with 90% assembled.
·  The frame is So strong. Bluetooth Feature is too good.
·  It is beautiful and gives the feel of luxury.
·  Slow Customer care service.

I hope that you like Treadmill Under 30000 article is helpful for taking the decision to buy the best treadmill for your fitness and which should be Treadmill Under 30000 as per your requirement. I have also written an article on Best Treadmill in India Under 50000 you can also read it.

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