Best Fitness Band Under 2000

Fitness Band people wear not only it is on Fashion and on Trend but wear for fitness and health tracker. Now a day nearly every sport and fitness-oriented person wear fitness band for track their fitness. But it is important that you have to wear a branded fitness band so that you will get reliable data or accuracy to your fitness band so that you can measure correct fitness of your body. Here  I will discuss about some branded fitness bands which have good accuracy and people rely on them. These are following below Best Fitness Band Under 2000.


 1. Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Activity Tracker (Unisex)


Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Fitness Band comes with Dual tone design and 0.96-inch TFT-LCD Colour Display with full touch screen. Straps of this band is made by soft, flexible, strong, Dual Tone Silicone which attract to every youth heart. It has 20 unique band faces so you can use as per your personality.

Basically, fitness band known by Health and fitness monitor so let’s discuss about health and fitness features. So, Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Fitness Band has several fitness features in which Outdoor Walk, Yoga, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Outdoor Cycling, Spinning, Hiking, Elliptical Machine, Rowing, HIIT, etc.

And also, several Health Monitor features in which, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor by which its analysis of your sleep routine.

It has also several other features like Notification Alert, Camera Control, Phone Finder, Music Control etc. and it has use IP68 Water Resistant level.

If I talk about it battery so this is made by Lithum Ion, which gives it up to 10 days battery backup and take 2 hours to fully charged battery.

It comes with 1 year Manufacturing Defect Warranty.

Pros Cons
·        Good Battery Backup.

·        Fitness band look is so cool.

·        Awesome Battery life

·        Band Faces is so nice.

·        Bezel size is big.

·        Activity Tracking is Slow.


2. Noise Pulse Buzz (Unisex)

Noise Pulse Buzz fitness band comes with 1.69 TFT LCD Display. Watch case is made by Polycarbonate and strep is made by Silicone which give a premium look to user. And it has use advance sensors like Accelerometer Sensor, SpO2 Sensor, etc.

As everyone know that fitness band is not made only for see time but also it is made for Health and Fitness tracking and Noise fitness Band has the best part is, they give first priority to fitness and that’s the reason they provide several features toward the fitness then any other fitness band. So, let’s discuss about some fitness features of this band. In which It has 60 sports mode like Yoga, Gym, Swimming, Indoor Running, Indoor Walking, Outdoor Walking, Hiking, Cycling, etc

Noise Pulse Buzz fitness band has a variety of health features like Menstrual Cycle Tracking which help to female users that when she will get their next Menstrual Cycle, 23*7 Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Stress Monitor, etc.

It has also several features which make it great fitness bad to anyone which is Bluetooth calling feature and an inbuilt speaker, Weather Forecast, Alarm, Find My Phone, Timer, Stop Watch, Vibration Alert, Screen Brightness Control, Remote Music Control, etc.

If I talk about its battery backup up to 7 Days of battery life and 30 days of battery life in standby. It has use 230 mAh battery which takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Pros Cons
· After-sale support is too good.

· Heart Rate Accuracy Level is good

· Good Quality speaker and microphone

· Battery life is so nice.

· Touch Screen Could be Improved.


3. boAt Wave Style Fitness Band. (Unisex)

boAt Wave Style Fitness Band has use 1.69 Inch HD colour Display. Its modern square case attracts to youth and the smooth, strong, skin-friendly silicon strap is so good.

boAt Wave Style Fitness Band has several fitness-oriented features like 10+ sports mode modes, Calories burned, Steps Count, Distance Covered, etc

And it has also several Health-oriented features which are, SpO2 Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood oxygen level, Sleep monitoring, etc.

Moreover, it has also multiple features like Camera Control, 150+ cloud base interface, Music Control, etc.

If I talk about its battery backup so, it comes with 10 Days of Battery Backup and easily run up to 7 days along with IP68 water Resistant technology used in this fitness band.

Pros Cons
·        Display brightness is too good. It’s visible even in the brightness of sunlight.

· Long Battery Backup

· No Bluetooth calling feature.


4. Zebronics DRIP Smart Fitness Band (Unisex)

Zebronics DRIP Smart Best Fitness Band Under 2000 has use metal body case which makes this watch strong build quality and the strap of this fitness band is made by Silicon which is skin-friendly moreover it has used a 1.69-inch colour display which is comfortably visible indoors and outdoors.

Along with it has several features which are very useful in this generation like Bluetooth calling feature in addition it has inbuilt mic and speaker, so that users can talk easily, 10 inbuilt and 100+ customizable interfaces, and for fun purpose Zebronics DRIP Smart Fitness Band has inbuilt 4 video games, IP67 waterproof technology use in this fitness band.

Moreover, Zebronics DRIP Smart Fitness Band has awesome features towards health and fitness oriented.

For Health-oriented features like Blood Pressure Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Menstrual Tracker, Water Reminder, SpO2, Sleep Monitor, etc

And various features towards Fitness oriented like Steps Count, Calories Burn, Distance Monitor, and 100+ built-in Sports modes like Basketball, Skipping, Cycling, Indoor Running, Outdoor, Running, Football, etc

If talk about its battery backup so, Zebronics DRIP Smart Fitness Band has use 250 mAh battery which gives it one week of battery backup and 30 days of battery backup standby.

Pros Cons
· In-built speaker and mic are good.

· Calling Quality is good.

· Strong built Quality

· Strep quality need improvement.


5. Fire-Boltt Ninja 3 Fitness Band (Unisex)

Fire-Boltt Ninja 3 Fitness Band has use a 1.69 HD Touch Screen with Vivid colours technology which gives smooth readability to users.

Fire-Boltt Ninja 3 Best Fitness Band under 2000  comes with multiple Health and Fitness features. Health features like SpO2 Monitoring, Heart Rate Tracking, Sleep Tracking, etc

Moreover Several Fitness features like Steps Count, Distance monitor, Calories Burn, 60 Sports Mode, etc.
Several other features like, multiple watch interfaces, camera control, music control, in-built social media notification, etc.

If I talk about its battery life so, it is made by Lithium Ion which gives it 7 days of battery backup and 25 days of standby battery backup moreover it has use IP68 water-resistant technology.

Pros Cons
· SpO2 monitor is accurate.

· Its battery life is around 7 to10 days


· The Da Fit app does work not properly.



I hope you like Best Fitness Band Under 2000 and gather good information from here. I have also written an article on Noise Colorfit Fitness Band you can also read it.

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