Fitness Band Under 500

Last few years we see that people are giving much attention on fitness and health so they are joining yoga, gym, and other fitness programs. And that’s the reason so many products come to market to analysis or measure health and fitness in which fitness band is so famous. Because it is easy to carry by the wrist and replaces to traditional wristwatches. So in this article, I will discuss with you some good Fitness Band Under 500 which is worthy for you. These Fitness Band Under 500 are following below.


1. Sharav Latest New Version Fitness Band

Sharav Latest New Version of Fitness Band has a good quality OLED display which gives a premium experience to users and also attract to youth.

Generally, people buy fitness band for health and fitness monitoring purposes so this fitness band has some good features for health and fitness purposes. In which user can track steps, active minutes, distance and calories burned

If I talk about some other features so in which this fitness band able to see notifications of calls and messages and user can receive and disconnect to calls, SMS and SNS (What’s app, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and Calendar. This notification can see the user on display.

Pros Cons
· Excellent fitness band in this range

· This fitness band has good quality and a stunning look.

· Battery backup no longer.

· Strap Quality is not good.


2. CYLECT Mi Smart Fitness Band (Unisex)

CYLECT Mi Smart Watch Fitness Band comes with a premium 1.4 Inch HD display with full screen and 400 Nits Brightens ensuring to users see clear display in shade and Sun.

If I talk about it looks so, it has square shape fram which gives it modern look and prefect design for men and women, Boys and Girls.

Let’s I talk about its health and fitness features because people have to buy fitness band to measure their health and fitness. So CYLECT Mi Smart Watch Fitness Band has multiple sports modes like Cycling, Running, Yoga, Skipping, Walking, etc, and several health-related features like Blood Pressure Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitoring, Calories, Sleep Monitoring, etc

If I talk about some other features so, it has Music Controller, Alarm, Find Phone, Stop Watch Timer, etc

CYLECT Mi Smart Watch Fitness Band has superb battery backup for normal use battery can run up to 7 days and the standby time battery can run up to 35 Days.

And the best part of this fitness band which I like most. Because so many fitness bands come in market with waterproof technology but do not allow to us swim in the pool but this fitness band has to use IP68 Waterproof technology that allows to us swim in the pool.

Pros Cons
· Easy to configure

· This fitness band has Awesome features and looks.

· Long backup battery.

· Not connected with Pc and Tablet.


3. 10WERUN Id-116 Bluetooth Fitness Band (Unisex)

10WERUN Id-116 Bluetooth Fitness Band has use Premium OLED display and use Minimalist Style which attract to youth.

If I talk about features of this fitness band regarding fitness and health purpose. So it has multiple features regarding this. For fitness purposes, it has Distance Tracker, Calories Tracker, Steps count, Moving Distance, etc and for health purposes, it has also several features like Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitoring, etc.

Let’s talk about several other features so, 10WERUN Id-116 Bluetooth Fitness Band has features like a weather report, Find Your Phone, Bluetooth, Alarm Clock, and user can see only calls, message notifications, and receive and reject calls and this fitness watch has use IP67 waterproof level.

Pros Cons
· In this budget, it has awesome feature.

· Easy functions

· Design could be improved in this fitness band.


4. MJDCNC M1 Smartwatch ID 116 Bluetooth Fitness Band

MJDCNC M1 Fitness Band has used a large 1.3-inch LED Display with a full touch screen. Which gives a better experience to the user. If I talk about its design so, it has used a modern design which gives a look premium to the user.

So, let’s discuss about its fitness and health-oriented features. Because fitness band is known for their health and fitness features. That’s why people buy it. So, let’s discuss about it.

It has several fitness related features like Pedometer, Activity Tracker calories burn, Distance monitor, etc, and also several health-related features which attract to all users in which Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure, Sleep Monitor, etc.

If I talk about some other features so, MJDCNC M1 Fitness Band has an Alarm Clock, Find Your Phone, two-way Anti Lost, Calendar, Make Calls, Bluetooth Connectivity, Bluetooth Music Control, etc

Pros Cons
· Smooth Touch Screen

· Good Battery Life

· Excellent feature in this price range.

· Strap quality could be improved. But good in this price range.


5.    NEELTEX Smart Fitness Band (Unisex)

NEELTEX Smart Fitness Band has use a 1.69-inch large OLED display with a touch screen. The strap design is so advanced that modern people like it.

If I talk about its fitness and health feature so this fitness band is fully loaded with features. Let’s discuss about fitness features. So it has Distance monitor, Steps Count, Yoga, Calories Burn, and Seven Sports Modes like Running, Cycling, Badminton Basketball, Football, Skipping, and Walking.

It has several health-related features like a Blood Pressure Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor, etc

If I talk about some other features so it has an Alarm Clock, Facebook Notification, Twitter Notification, What’s App Notification, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Wrist Sense, etc.

Pros Cons
· This Band is useful in sports and the gym.

· Awesome fitness band in this price.

· Design is too Good.


· Screen brightness could be improved.



I hope this article Fitness Band Under 500 helpful for you and to get good information about Fitness Band Under 500. I have also written an article on Fitness Band Under 1000 and Noise Colorfit Fitness Band you can also read it




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