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Fitness Band Under 1000 (

Now a day people much focus on fitness and healthy body so they don’t like ordinary wrist watch which only shows time to them. As per the enhancement of technology, they have to need a feature-loaded wristwatch where they can get a weather report, social media notifications, receive and disconnect to calls and also get health information like heart rate, blood pressure and calories burn etc. So getting best Fitness Band Under 1000 this article will help you to better understand which types of features are provided by the fitness band and help which is perfect to you. And buy a perfect fitness band for you and your family, friends and neighbour.


1. Exxelo M4, Smart Fitness Band  (Unisex)

Exxelo M4 smart fitness band under 1000 Band has a Digital display with 0.96-inch screen, a slick lightweight which is 40 gram,s and soft, solid, flexible Silicon Straps which give more comfort, and the size of this fitness band is Free Size.

For the fitness-oriented person Exxelo M4 Band has several features for you. In which they can monitor Treadmill, Exercise, Outdoor Running, Cycling, Walking, Pool Swimming, Heart Rate Sensor, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Burned, and Blood Pressure.

If I talk about several other features so, in which it has Bluetooth Connectivity, USB Charging Support, and Support to Android Phone.

And also features it has like send and receive messages, call receive and disconnect.

If I talk about the warranty so, the User can successfully claim a warranty under the policy covered with a new replacement product unit. Warranty Duration: This is 1 Year Replacement warranty across India.

Pros Cons
· This Fitness Band Water Resistance Best in class.

· Battery Life is Good.

· Best in this Price Segment.

· Support Only Andriod Phone.


2. B M C DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Fitness Watch (Unisex)

B M C DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch comes with 39 mm Display size with 380*420 Pixels and also Touch Screen. And it has also camera which allows to users for capture image or video and it has a SD Card Slot, and TF SIM Card Slot which enable to this smart fitness band to use it as independent mobile phone. It has Use Silicon material to make straps of this smart fitness band, which is soft, flexible and strong. If I talking about frame for this smart fitness band so this is made by Brushed Metal that make it strong built Quality.

B M C DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch has several features. Which makes it best fitness band which is Heart Rate monitor, Step Counter, Calories Counter, Drink Water Reminder, etc.

And also, several other features like Call Receive and Disconnect, Receive and Send Text Messages, Contact Sync, Audio Player, Calculator, Calendar, Reminder, Alarm, Push Notification, Anti Lost and many more.

And the best part of this fitness band which I like most. Which is this Smart Fitness Band and Mobile Phone able to detect each other at the same time.

Pros Cons
· Strong Metal Built Quality.

· Fully Feature loaded and SD, SIM Card Slot.

· No Water Resistant


3. Drumstone M6 Smart Fitness Band. (Unisex)

Drumstone M6 Smart Fitness Band Under 1000 has 0.96-inch HD LCD, Crisp, and Clear (320*320) Resolution Display. And this fitness band body is made by Metallic Fibre which give look premium.

Drumstone M6 Smart Fitness Band has some good feature that make it first choice to any health-oriented person. Because it has features like Calories Burn, Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Sensor, Daily Workouts Blood Pressure, etc.

There are several other Features like Call Receive and Disconnect, Alarm, Users can send and receive massage, Anti Lost, etc.

In this Smart Fitness Band has use Lithium Battery which gives a good battery backup. its standby battery can run up to 45 days after fully charged and Three hours take time to 0% to 100% charged.

It comes with one-year replacement warranty across India. So, user can successfully claim warranty under the policy and covered with replacement with new product unit.

Pros Cons
· Great LCD Display. · More features can be added.


4.    SONATA gold Smart Fitness Band (Unisex)

SONATA gold Smart Fitness Band has 0.96 Inch OLED big Screen. And it’s body made by fiber which gives good look to this fitness band.

SONATA gold Smart Fitness Band has multiple sports modes in which, Users can record calories during running, Sit Ups mode, Skipping Rope mode, Information mode, sleep mode, etc.

SONATA gold Smart Fitness Band has no calling and message feature but users will receive notifications. And it has use a professional Bluetooth RF Signal and custom algorithm.

This SONATA gold Smart Fitness Band is waterproof fitness band but not use for Swimming and Diving.

SONATA gold Smart Fitness Band has lithium-ion polymer battery which gives a long battery backup.

Pros. Cons.
· This fitness band has awesome battery life.

· Step count accuracy is good.

· Awesome Display

· No Calling Receiving and Disconnect option and Message can’t receive and send. Only notification option.


5.  PunnkFunnk D116 Fitness Smart Band (Unisex)


PunnkFunnk D116 Fitness Smart Band has 1.3 HD Display with touch screen. And it has use a 6-axis Sensor.

If I talk about its feature so it is calculated distance of motion as per the step of walking steps, view daily step movement with real current time, it’s calculated how many calories burn as per the how much user walks.

Let’s I talking about this fitness band under which interface users can record Skipping Rope Mode, Calories, how much time spend on Running, Sit-Ups Mode and Sleep Mode, Heart Rate, etc.

If I talking about its battery so, it’s made by Lithium Ion which gives it 3 days of battery backup (Standby Time).

Last but not least I will tell you this fitness band is waterproof but here is instruction to you which is you can’t do Swimming and Diving with this smart fitness band.

Pros Cons
· Good battery backup

· Good Charging System.

· Good connectivity.

· Touch Screen is too smooth.

· Awesome HD Display Brightness.


· Design Could be Improved.



Fitness Band Under 1000, article has informative to you before buying your Best Fitness Band this article will help you. I Have also written an article on fitness band with the title Noise Colorfit Fitness Band you can also read it.

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